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Some discrepancies arise about Ezra Bryan because of certain statements in published biographies and family oral history. It is said that Ezra's father, Alexander, wrote a family record in 1759. If that record has survived its present location would be very valuable information.


Did Ezra Bryan come to Shecomeco before the Revolution?

The biography of Ezra's grandson David, states that Ezra came to the town of Northeast and took up a farm of 400 acres. David's father was born in Northeast in 1789. 20

The biography of Ezra's grandson, Isaac, states Ezra acquired land in the "Nine Partners territory." However correspondence Anne Bryan Knickerbocker a descendant of Ezra states that Ezra Bryan and Sarah Peck purchased the Shekomeko land in 1789 and came from Newtown after the Constitution was ratified.21 (She also states that Amos Bryan had two sons named Isaac--one died as a baby. She states that Ezra had no sons named Isaac. This does not seem consistent with published sources.)


Was Ezra a patriot or loyalist?

One biographer called Ezra 'one of the true Whigs of the Revolution.'22

However the biography of Ezar's son David states: "...through his loyalty to the Colonial government [the British?] he lost the bulk of his property."20

This leaves a slight confusion as to his loyalties. But since he and his descendants remained on the farm well into the 19th century, it is assumed Ezra was a patriot. Depending on the source, Ezra moved his family to Shekmoko during the the Revolution [1779] or after the Constitution was ratified (1789). Ezra entered the business of manufacturing farm equipment specializing in fan mills. He had a 400-acre farm in the Little Nine Partners Grant. 20, 24, 25

Some of the Duchess County deeds that may pertain to these Bryans are:

Grantee/Grantor                 Date       Book      Location 
Ezra Bryan                      9-1-1807   19:834    Northeast 
Isaac                           4-27-1808  20:303    Northeast, west bank Oblong River 
Amos                            2-17-1807  20:413    Amenia 
Friends Meeting House/Ezra      12-2-1808            Northeast 

Some of the Duchess County wills that may pertain to these Bryans are:

Deceased    Document Date    Number    Mentions 
Ezra        4-19-1823        G:302     Northeast; exec, Amos  
Amos        8-6-1854         V:339     Northeast; wife, Betsey; sons David, Ezra, Isaac, 
                                                  granddau. Jane W.

Anne Knickerbocker Bryan, referring to an unamed Bryan descendant of Ezra, states: "His ancestor went to Rensalear [sic] Co and Shatikoke[sic]."21