Marriage of Isaac Griffith to Ann Dickey Roberts Burson

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In 1773 Isaac Griffith marries the sister-in-law of his deceased wife. Gunpowder Monthly Meeting refers to Isaac’s second marriage on 24th day, 11th month [24 Nov]1773 as “married outside the good order.” Isaac and Ann (2) had proposed “their marriage intentions” to the Fairfax, VA Monthly Meeting which refused to approve it because of they were "brother and sister by Affinity." They were disowned the 28th day, 5th month [28 May] 1774. Their marriage took place in Frederick County, MD.

The Bursons had come to Virginia in the 1750's. They appear to have been members of the "Goose Creek Preparatory" meeting and the Fairfax, VA Monthly Meeting. Goose Creek was located in Loudoun County, VA, the Fairfax Meeting in adjoining Fairfax Co., VA. Both counties are west of Maryland.

This family group sheet shows the relationship between Isaac's first wife, Ann Burson and his second wife, Ann Dickey Roberts Burson.* The second "Ann Burson" was the widow of the first Ann Burson's brother, Benjamin.

Brief Family Group Sheet for Joseph Burson and Rachel Potts:

Husband: Joseph Burson  				Husband's Father: George Burson
 			 				Husband's Mother: Hannah_____

Wife: Rachel Potts					Wife's Father: Unknown 
    							Wife's Mother: Unknown

1. Ann (see previous page)
b. 2-9- 1721 
m Nov 1744.
d. btw April 1771 and February 1772, Gunpowder Falls, MD 
sp. Isaac Griffith

2. James
b. 11-21-1722, Gilbert’s Manor, [now],Montgomery Co. PA
m.1. 1748, Sarah Price
m2.7-6-1782,  Sarah Twining
d. 2 -- 1792

3. Joseph Jr
m. Mary ______ (went to South Carolina, then Georgia)
d. still living in 1784

4. Benjamin
b. abt 1733
m. 23 Nov 1773, Loudoun Co., VA
d. before 10 Oct 1769, Goose Creek, Loudoun Co., VA
sp. Ann Dickey Roberts (Ann m2. Isaac Griffith above)


This information is from three sources: Roberts, op. cit, p. 517; Peden, op. cit. and Hinshaw, op. cit., Vol. VI, p. 478. The information about Benjamin’s death is taken from Loudoun County probate records.

*Footnote: It is not clear if "Dickey" was a married name or a middle name. If it was a married name, then Ann married three times.